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Welcome to! In an effort to preserve our work through the decades and after many requests from you, our loyal fans, I've decided to relaunch the site after a 5 year hiatus.

In our GSP Archive page you will find all our work starting from our humble beginings in 1999 until 2015. As this restoration project is ongoing, all of our patches will be posted there. 

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Last but not least, I would thank you all, our loyal fans and the entire Team GSP through the decades that made this all posible. 

More to come.

GSP FIFA 2000 Patch v1.0 [PSX] 

One of the most iconic and "cult" classics in the Greek football (soccer) gaming genre is FIFA 2000. Aside from FIFA's new 3D look and feel which was revolutionary at the time, FIFA 2000 include a full Greek Division 1 (A' Ethniki), Greek localization and commentary from the legendary Christos Sotirakopoulos and Giannis Daras.

As this game is approaching its 25th Anniversary since its release in 1999, it was only fair to see if we can mod it for a better user experience.

This patch was created to correct some minor issues with the Greek teams on the PlayStation 1 (PSX/PS1) version of FIFA 2000. Historically we have never release a console patch due to the different file structures they have between their PC counterparts and of course lack of tools (software) to modify them. 

If anyone would like to suggest any further enhancements for this or any of our patches, please leave us a message on Facebook and join our page. 

:: GSP FIFA 2000 [PSX/PS1] - Greek League Patch v1.0 ::

Patch version 1.0 [PlayStation 1]

Patch updates Greek league team kits and adds Greek adboards into the game. The purpose of this update was to correct the kit colors and styles for the Greek league. Some graphics were ported from our PC patch for FIFA 2000. 


- Unzip the file contents into a folder on your PC. 

- Run ppf-o-matic.exe

- In the first line add your ISO or BIN file of FIFA 2000

- In the second line add FIFA2000(GSPv1).ppf patch

- Click on APPLY to apply this patch

- Enjoy the update on your favorite emulator :) 

Patch details

- Updated all Greek league team kits (generic)

- Greek adboards (imported from our FIFA 2000 PC patch)

- Minor update to Greek team names (greek version only)

Created by: Team GSP


Administrator : Michael Pissanos 

Ad boards imported the PC version of the GSP FIFA 2000 patch. 

GSP FIFA 2000 Development Team:

Kostas Kyriopoulos, George Soulimiotis, Dimitris Vagianos, Notis Halkidis, Michael Pissanos

Download link

GSP TCM 2004 - 20th Anniversary Patch [BETA] 

Here is the first beta version of the 20th Anniversay GSP TCM 2004 patch. Download in the link below.

NOTE: Backup your TCM installation folder before installing this patch. It will overwite all existing data!

What the patch includes:

Additional updates include:

Original GSP Kits for the following:

Other kits (gathered from various sources) for: 

Download link